Our People

Prof. Shane Cronin (University of Auckland) and Dr McDonald (MEResearch) co-lead our research.
We have five interconnected Research Aims and an Advisory Group:

Co-creation processes (led by Prof. Tom Wilson, Mr Roger Fairclough)

Decision-support for dynamic transition (led by Dr Nicky Smith, A/Prof. Anita Wreford)

Leveraging Mātauranga Māori (led by Dr Achusla (Dee) Sciascia and A/Prof. Jon Procter)

Simulating on-going & disruptive (led by Prof. Mark Bebbington and Dr Ting Wang)

Geochemical tool-chest for hazard forecasting (led by Dr Marco Brenna and Dr Ingrid Ukstins)

Auckland University

Canterbury University

  • Thomas Wilson

    Natural hazard and risk assessment, with special interest in volcanic eruptions. Impacts of natural...
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  • Glen Baxter

    Glen grew up in the Taranaki region and had the ambition to pursue a career in Petroleum Engineering. ...
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  • Alana Weir

    Alana is finishing her PhD in volcanic impact assessment. Alana has worked in a variety of research...
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  • Alice Evans

    Alice is assuming a research management role for the TTVF programme, working closely with Tom Wilson...
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Iowa University

Lincoln University

Macquarie University

Market Economics

Massey University

Neo Leaf Global

Otago University

  • Ting Wang

    Dr Ting Wang is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Otago....
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  • Dr Marco Brenna

    Marco Brenna is co-lead of critical step 1.5. His research spans the interface of magmatic and volcanic...
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